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Contact - Fast Company It turns the expectations of our current dating scene on its head, where there’s a lot of social implications and expectations that exist, and I think it really kind of wipes those out, and says that it’s okay to treat one another with respect. So when we were talking about desning a dating app for connecting people, the first thought was let’s build something that’s very kind. EDITORIAL CONTENT SUBMISSIONS Fast Company rarely accepts unsolicited. Historic issues dating back to 2001 and select Fast Company products are.

This 28-Year-Old Startup Founder's Life Hack Don't. - Fast Company But then also, let’s do something that will at least try to sort of shift those gender roles. Here, it helps to define what Cantlin means by “dating.” Cantlin doesn't eschew all male romantic company. “I love men–they are fascinating.

Fast Company Communicatie, Desn, Internet, Apps en Video Then I realized that dital was going to be the way of things, and so I started work doing web, and then very shortly after that realized that apps were going to take over web, so I switched to mobile desn. Fast Company Stap in en bekijk de creatieve mogelijkheden op het gebied van apps, communicatie, internet, desn en video.

Making dating easier and more fun LUNAR creativity that. I eventually ended up getting a job offer from Conan O’Brien which sounded like a good opportunity, so my partner Chris Gulczynski and I moved to L. And then Chris joined Tinder, and they created the whole product. Making dating easier and more fun. February 19, 2014. LUNAR's. Read Fast Company's story about this Moondust project here. News landing page.

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